How to get to Chalki

Coming to Halki was in the past (and still is during winter) a small adventure. Nowadays at sunner period is just a piece of cake !! If you choose the right flight (arriving at Rhodes till 13.00) you can swim at Halki's crystal clear sea 3 hours after landing. As long as you would need to arrive at a Hotel somewhere in Rhodes par example.

1) Through Rhodes.The most common way to reach Halki (or Chalki) is through the island of Rhodes and its International Airport. Just choose one of the many charter or regular flights (preferably arriving till 13.00 at Rhodes) Here are all the options after you arrive to Rhodes airport
a)Through Kamiros Skala port (a small fishermen harbor at the West coast of Rodos island, approx 38 kms from the airport and 50 from Rodos town)
 After landing in Rhodes (till 13.00) you can catch the correspondent and one and only bus (13.45 from the airport-except Sundays- to Kamiros skala port and correspondent boat (14.30) from Kamiros skala to Halki. You can take a taxi too as there are taxis outside the airport. Taxi from the airport to Kamiros skala costs approx 50 euros and takes approx 40 minutes.
More specific the daily (during summer) ferries (caiques) from Kamiros skala to Halki are: Sunday at 9:00am and 18:00pm, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 14:30pm, Wednesday at 17:30pm and Sunday mostly at 09.00 and 18.00. It is a 75 minutes trip.
As there are also daily excursions from Kamiros skala (especially during July and August) please check the following facebook names to see by yourself the latest news concerning timetables (usually at the beginning of every month there is a new timetable). There are three boats a) Fedon (the fastest one but no cars. Tel 0030-6937252525 facebook:"Fedon Halki" b)Nissos Halki tel 0030-6973460968/6956435026 facebook: "Nissos Halki" and c) Nikos express tel 0030-6946826905 (facebook: "katerina Fragkaki") 
The caique often change their timetable. It is advised to contact them and confirm the departure time when possible. 
Another option for getting to Halki is a taxi speed boat from Kamiros skala. It can carry up to 22 people, the trip lasts about 45 minutes and the cost is around 250 euros. (For information/reservation call Alevandros 0030-6944434429)
b) Through Rhodes Town- main harbor (14 kilometres from the airport-approx 22 euros by taxi). There you can catch the big ferryboat of ANEK Lines ( It needs 2 hours to Halki. Usually during summer time it departs three times per week to Halki. On Sunday early in the morning at 03.00 am, on Tuesday at 20.00 and Thursdays at 09.00. Have a look to the following link as timetables change often. (
c) Through Rhodes town- Kolona harbor (just opposite of the entrance of the old town of Rhodes).Dodekanisos Seaways with speedboats catamaran. Duration of the trip is 1 hour. every Tuesday and Thursday around 9.00. Check and verify the routes at To return to Rhodes you can use the same means of transportation. 

2) Through Kos, Nisyros & Tilos
Only possible on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Catamaran from Dodecanisos seaways departs from Kos at 14.35, arrives at Nisyros at 15.30, Tilos at 16.15 and Halki at 17.00. Check and verify at
3) Through Karpathos, Crete, Santorini, Athens
The island of Chalki (Halki) is linked by boat with Athens (Pireas port) and many islands like Creta (Iraklio & Sitia), Karpathos & Diafani, Kassos, Santorini, Anafi (Check timetable at, 

Port Police Halki, telephone 22460 45220.
We are always at your disposal for any kind of help, in order to arrive at Chalki quickly and at the most easy way.

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